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Central Illinois Taxi/Delivery Prices at Litchfield Taxicab

In addition to the prices listed below, a $1 charge will be added to your fare for each additional stop lasting up to 5 minutes(+ 50 cents each additional minute over 5 minutes), or up to $30.00 per waited hour.

We also offer delivery services. Delivery fees are figured like this..

Cost of the fare + $1.00 for the stop + $1.00 extra per bag over 1 bag.

In Litchfield IL. City Limits:

$5.00 for all one way fares within Litchfield city limits.

The following price estimates are for one-way fares from Litchfield IL. to one of the following central Illinois communities. Average out of town taxi fares are $5 + $1 per mile beyond Litchfield IL. city limits.

In-town Taxi Fares: